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What all The Cool People are doing

I have recently surveyed all of The Cool People and this is what they told me they are doing to stay balanced and healthy.

The Cool People drink lots of clean water. They eat whole foods, and learn something new every day. They find the type of exercise that appeals to them and they do it regularly. They appreciate that their body is the only material thing that they will truly ever own, so they take care of it.

The Cool People understand that when they sleep, their body rejuvenates, and their immune system does its best work. Sleep is also when they connect with their consciousness. When they chronically sleep poorly, they find the cause.

They regularly bathe or shower. They wash their hands before they eat and after they use a toilet. They comb, cut and clip as needed. They brush their teeth regularly. And most importantly, The Cool People floss every day.

The Cool People know that humans are sexual beings, and that sex begets sex; so they enjoy it as much as possible. They are respectful to themselves and others. They use condoms if they are not in a monogamous relationship.

The Cool People recognize that they have a unique purpose. They create the things that they feel passionate about. A good majority of them make money from it too.

The Cool People grasp that meditation is sacred time with them self. They aren’t intimidated, thinking that they must sit on a mountaintop for several days at a time for it to be effective. They appreciate that it is their natural state, and the benefits are immediate. They practice until they can call up their natural state
whenever they want.

The Cool People take responsibility for their thoughts and their emotional reactions. They get that they are not their past, or their future. They are the occurring moment. They consciously try to feel joy, compassion, gratitude and love as often as possible. They send their high vibration out into The Universe and trust that they will attract the same, or better, back to them.

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High Vibes

I am able to modulate my own frequency.

I assume that I am not the only one.

Everything in The Universe is vibrating. The rock is vibrating, as is the tree, as is the toad, as is the Human.

When we feel the emotions of love, compassion and joy we emit a higher frequency.

However, when we feel the emotions of fear, ignorance, intolerance, and revenge, we can vibrate akin to an inanimate object.

When we choose our thoughts and our emotional reactions, we also choose our frequency and resonance.

I am responsible for my own vibration. You are responsible for your own vibration.

Together, our vibrations can change the world.

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Faking it

Before self-healing can begin; I would suggest that you take an honest look at yourself, your environment, and your behaviours.  Ask yourself; where it is that you are not being authentic?  When are you faking it?

You’ve probably faked an orgasm.  You’ve probably faked that you liked a gift.  You’ve probably faked that you are feeling differently than what you actually are. I call that faking it conscientiously.  You choose to fake it, for the good of another.  Your lover didn’t need to know that you were tired, and just wanted to go to sleep.  Your grandmother didn’t need to know that you wouldn’t ever wear the bright green sweater that she knitted especially for you. The bank teller didn’t need to know that you weren’t feeling fine; you were miserably constipated.  So you conscientiously faked it.  You told them what they wanted to hear.  You had good intentions.  No harm, no foul.

Conscious faking it; is when we misrepresent our self, in spite of our self.  We choose to pretend to be something other than what we are.  For instance, I stopped to help a man who was sitting in the middle of a long flight of stairs.  He was sweating, and he was short of breath.  It was obvious that his morbid obesity was hindering his ascent.  I offered my services as a nurse but he assured me he would be fine.  He explained that he needed a minute to rest his “weak ankles.”  He knew that I knew that his ankles were not the problem; and I knew that he knew too.  He was consciously faking it.

Unconscious faking it is more abstract. This is when we believe something so much that we create it in our reality.  Unconsciously, I was living in fear of being murdered, but I believed that I had a heart condition. I unconsciously faked it until I became exactly what I believed myself to be.

You are exactly who you believe yourself to be.

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Yes, you can feel better.

There was a time in my life when I was consumed by a belief that I had an unstable heart condition.  Frequently, my heart would quiver or gallop while my throat felt like it was clamping down on a lodged golf ball.  My pulse would become irregular, and my blood pressure would spike.

It made perfect sense that at 46, my horrendous family history of heart disease was threatening.  I began to tip-toe through my life with fingers crossed.  My goal was to survive long enough to complete the extensive cardiac testing with a diagnosis, prognosis, and magic prescription in hand.

When all of the tests came back negative, I had to consider that my symptoms were psychological.  As a nurse who has worked in mental health for nearly 30 years; it was a hard pill for me to swallow.  I was so sure that it was my heart.

Life was trying to get my attention.  I had ignored the whisper until I could no longer shut off the noise of my misfiring internal alarm.  My physical and emotional body was constricting from fear. Something needed to change but I didn’t know the what, let alone the how.  I only knew that I wanted silence.

My self-healing began when I recognized that I wasn’t in denial; I was in familiarity. Familiarity for me consisted of verbal and physical violence.  What I had experienced in my childhood had shown up in my relationships and in my career choice.  It was what I knew.  It was where I felt at home.  My own thoughts attracted it to me.  I wasn’t a victim, I was an active participant.

Many of us assume that outside sources are responsible for our problems. We live in resistance without even realizing it.  Our EGO tells us that we are as happy as we can possibly be; and more often than not, we believe it.  We detach emotionally with the aid of our favourite pain distractions; or we put our heads down and suffer through our experience.  We don’t appreciate that we could feel better.

Dis-ease is the result of our imbalance.  My story is about learning how to self-heal.  I believe that everyone can easily apply the same techniques to their own bodies.  We can go to our doctors, and we can take the expensive medications that chemically mask our problem, or we can heal the original wound ourselves.  I believe that it really is that simple.

It is my hope that I Remember: A Story of Self-Healing serves as a whisper to those who have not yet realized that they could feel better.  Learning to recognize the whisper is the key to our wellness.

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