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What all The Cool People are doing

I have recently surveyed all of The Cool People and this is what they told me they are doing to stay balanced and healthy.

The Cool People drink lots of clean water. They eat whole foods, and learn something new every day. They find the type of exercise that appeals to them and they do it regularly. They appreciate that their body is the only material thing that they will truly ever own, so they take care of it.

The Cool People understand that when they sleep, their body rejuvenates, and their immune system does its best work. Sleep is also when they connect with their consciousness. When they chronically sleep poorly, they find the cause.

They regularly bathe or shower. They wash their hands before they eat and after they use a toilet. They comb, cut and clip as needed. They brush their teeth regularly. And most importantly, The Cool People floss every day.

The Cool People know that humans are sexual beings, and that sex begets sex; so they enjoy it as much as possible. They are respectful to themselves and others. They use condoms if they are not in a monogamous relationship.

The Cool People recognize that they have a unique purpose. They create the things that they feel passionate about. A good majority of them make money from it too.

The Cool People grasp that meditation is sacred time with them self. They aren’t intimidated, thinking that they must sit on a mountaintop for several days at a time for it to be effective. They appreciate that it is their natural state, and the benefits are immediate. They practice until they can call up their natural state
whenever they want.

The Cool People take responsibility for their thoughts and their emotional reactions. They get that they are not their past, or their future. They are the occurring moment. They consciously try to feel joy, compassion, gratitude and love as often as possible. They send their high vibration out into The Universe and trust that they will attract the same, or better, back to them.

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High Vibes

I am able to modulate my own frequency.

I assume that I am not the only one.

Everything in The Universe is vibrating. The rock is vibrating, as is the tree, as is the toad, as is the Human.

When we feel the emotions of love, compassion and joy we emit a higher frequency.

However, when we feel the emotions of fear, ignorance, intolerance, and revenge, we can vibrate akin to an inanimate object.

When we choose our thoughts and our emotional reactions, we also choose our frequency and resonance.

I am responsible for my own vibration. You are responsible for your own vibration.

Together, our vibrations can change the world.

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Are you seeking or avoiding the white noise of life?

Two of my friends have the exact same cell phones.  A few weeks ago, they unknowingly, and un-mindfully exchanged phones; then jumped into their cars and drove in opposite directions.  Once they realized what had happened, neither could call the other, because neither knew the others’ password.

Last Saturday night, the three of us went to a concert together.  The stars were shining, the people were joyful, and the beer was ice cold.  It was a perfect summer evening in Canada.

While we waited for the band’s set to start, we discussed the phone mishap.  I took note while my friends compared their very different reactions to the same situation of being phone-less for 48 hours.

One friend took it in stride.  She was grateful that she would have her phone back in a couple of days.  She was merely inconvenienced by it.  While the other friend, had gone into mini-crisis mode.  She was inconvenienced and she felt incredibly disconnected from her experience.

It made perfect sense because my one friend usually takes her phone to work and checks on it during her breaks.  Whereas, my other friend is always plugged into the WWW.  She chooses to be on-call, at all times.  Her phone rings, and buzzes, and beeps constantly.

When at home, my one friend leaves her phone on her kitchen counter.  When she goes outside to enjoy her garden and  play with her dog, her phone stays inside.  My other friend’s phone is always at her arm’s length.  She answers it’s ring from her shower and it’s vibration in her semi-sleep.

If my one friend didn’t answer my message within 24 hours, I wouldn’t be alarmed. Whereas, if my other friend didn’t answer my message within 24 minutes, I would be worried.

My one friend has lived off of the grid before, and has never felt disconnected.  My other friend is constantly connected to the grid and always feels disconnected.

My two friends are playing the Mindful Moment Game.  Not surprisingly, both friends described very different experiences in that similar situation too.

One friend is enjoying the game, while the other is struggling with it.

One is noticing the time more often, while one is not noticing it at all.

One friend is paying attention to the silence, while one is paying attention to the noise.

How often are you listening to the silence?  Are you seeking or avoiding the white noise of life?

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