Have you been paying attention to what you are paying attention to?

Have you been playing the Mindful Moment Game?

My friend called me to tell me that she has been playing. She said that she has become more aware of the repeating time. Then she told me that she had an epiphany. I laugh every time that I think of her story.

My friend has been battling her weight all of her life. She jumps on the bandwagon for every new weight loss gimmick and fad diet. Right now, she is on a strict diet where she must weigh and measure everything that goes into her mouth.

She explained to me that since starting this diet 3 months prior, she has gone out of her way to buy a special brand of Hazelnuts, from a specific store. They are premium hazelnuts, and since she gets exactly 20 for her afternoon snack, she wants them to the best that she can buy.

She described that usually, she would finish her snack in three or four mouthfuls. But instead; at 3:33 yesterday, she decided that she was going to play the Mindful Moment Game while she ate her coveted snack.

She took one hazelnut in her hand and noticed the texture of it, the weight of it, and the dusting of salt.

She turned it over and noticed the curves, the colour, and the shine from its oil.

She brought it to her nose, and inhaled its’ scent.

Then she brought it to her lips, and touched it to the tip of her tongue.

She let it sit on top of her tongue.

She meticulously chewed the one nut and then swallowed.

She ate two hazelnuts before throwing the other 18 in the garbage.

She realized that she didn’t even like hazelnuts.

This is your movie. Pay attention to as many moments of it as you can. You are not your past, and you are not your future. You are this moment.


Ivana Vasilj / Foter / Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

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