It’s your movie

The source of your suffering is not outside of you.  It is within the story of who and what, you believe yourself to be.

Take a step back and become the observer of your experience. Listen very carefully to the story that you are telling.  What words are you using when you describe the reasons why you don’t or can’t?  Who or what is to blame?  Are circumstances and situations happening to you?  Are you pointing your finger at a parent, your spouse, your boss, or your genetic predisposition?   Why are you a victim?

What if you accepted that you were the creator of your problems?  Would it change the manner in which you react to them?

I think it would.

I believe that each one of us is making our own movie about our own unique experience.  It is our purpose.  We play the leading role in the movie.  We write the screenplay, and we direct every scene.  The Universe co-produces with us.

Unconscious Movie Makers are oblivious to this theory.  They believe that life is happening to them, not for them.  They do not appreciate that in every moment they are creating another scene for their movie.

This problem is easily rectified by becoming a Conscious Movie Maker.

Begin by understanding that your movie can be about whatever you choose.  You can be the victim, the villain or the hero in it.  Don’t worry about the critics.  Your only concern should be making your own movie to be as awesome as it can be.

Edit the scenes that you have so far.  Keep in mind that you are the only person who is going to see your movie from beginning to end.  Don’t keep the scenes with bad lighting or horrible acting.  Keep all of the scenes where you are the Superhero.  Keep the ones where you learned important life lessons too.

Update your screenplay, frequently.  Decide as soon as possible what the theme of your movie is going to be.  If you are not sure, just follow your heart.  It will lead you.

Make sure that your character is everything that you want it to be. The only limitation is your own imagination.  Write in that you are healthy, sexy, and rich!  Give the money away if you like, but at least write it in.

Write in your dreams, your desires, and your successes.  Write in great love stories, a supportive family, and loyal friends.  Write in a few scenes with bad guys, for dramatic effect if you like, but don’t waste too much of your valuable film on them.

Write in that your movie does make a difference.

Send your screenplay to Universe, your co-producer.  Be very specific when making a request, because there is a language barrier.  Establish a great working relationship built on trust.  Express your gratitude when you get exactly what you asked for.

Be a great Actor.  Practice for your big scenes by staying in character all of the time.  If you fall out of character, it’s okay, it happens to everyone.  Get back on your mark as soon as possible.

Direct each scene with passion and purpose.  If you don’t like the way that the scene is going; stop shooting and fix it.  Hire new actors; get a different backdrop or set.  Request a meeting with the co-producer and make all of the necessary adjustments so that the scene is exactly as you want it.  Don’t let anyone mess with your artistic license.  It’s your movie, after all.

ARMLE / Foter / Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

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